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Meet The Performers of “Lucid: A Cirque Showcase”

Ellen Phillips- The Hoop Rebel

Ellen, the Hoop Rebel (she/her), is a rainbow-loving, roller-skating, hula hoop performer based in Memphis, TN. She performs in a variety of performance troupes and enjoys everything from curating hoop acts on stage to go-go dancing and fire spinning at events. When she’s not flowing, she works as a project manager at a video production company in Memphis. Hula hooping has brought her so much joy and introduced her to so many incredible people over the past 11 years. She is honored to be joining the cast of Lucid in San Antonio and wants to thank the beautiful Cerceau Sisters for inviting her!

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Moonlight Entertainment

Led by Director, Molly Cortez, Moonlight Dance is a company comprised of professional dancers & artists.
Their purpose is to provide dance training to aspiring & current professional dancers, choreography, & spectacular performance productions for any event or occasion.
Dance training with Moonlight Dance consists of dance classes, private lessons, personal projects, opportunity for paid gigs (audition required), & the chance to link with other local artists. 
Dance production consists of their highly trained Dancers performing and providing a one-of-a-kind show fit your event’s aesthetic. 

Bailey Hutzler- The Aerialnaut

Bailey Hutzler fell in love with the arts at a young age, engrossing herself in dance, gymnastics, and cheerleading/acro. She’s also been training in the theater arts since she was 9 years old, gaining valuable skills like stage presence, set design and creation through her school’s talented program. This led her to train actors and create attractions at the now nationally-revered RISE Haunted House in Louisiana. After graduating high school and starting her physics degree at LSU, she was looking for an outlet to express her inner creative. Luckily, she found her new home with LSU’s circus arts program where she focused on aerial fabrics, instruction and act creation. Fast forward 4 1/2 years, a Bachelor’s degree and circus arts minor later and she is now taking the Austin performance scene by storm! Her newest goal: being a role model for girls to pursue the arts and the sciences without stigma. 

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IG: @the_aerialnaut

Devin Alfather

Devin Alfather is a multidisciplinary dancer currently specializing in theatrical Fusion Bellydance, and other MENAHT and world Fusion dances.   When not tearing up the stages in Texas and beyond, she can be found teaching out of several Austin studios and giving workshops to detail-hungry dancers.  She seeks to keep one foot in either world, and is a continuous student of source materials and dancers.”

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Leila Noone

Leila Noone is a contortionist, handstand archer, aerialist, and acrobat from Austin, TX. She does hourly ambient entertainment, mainstage acts, and full length shows. She works for corporate events, private parties, Renaissance Faires, theme parks, festivals, weddings, special events, and more! Leila is a level 10 gymnast, 4x American Ninja Warrior, theater actress and trained dancer. She performs everywhere from festivals and commercials to VIP Galas and birthday parties. Together with her acro partner, she has a 30 minute show that includes duo acro, contortion, fire, foot archery, miming, and comedy. She also performs giant bubble, fire contortion, cyr wheel, aerials and more. She has performed for such companies as Facebook, Google, The Super Bowl, F1, Lagunitas Beer Circus, SXSW, Homeaway, Dos Equis, Bud Light, Kendra Scott, and more!

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Michelle Kaplowitz

Michelle is the owner of Aerial City with 10 years of experience in the Aerial Arts. She has been dancing her entire life beginning with ballet when she was 3 years old and competitive cheer when she was 4. She continued competitive cheer and dance until she graduated high school where she was then introduced to the world of circus. She fell in love and continued on to train and perform around the country with a company she developed called Hypnotic Illusions. Her ultimate dream, though, was to open her own studio where she could share her passion with others.  Proficient in multiple apparatuses and skills including Trapeze, Lyra, Cube, Silk, Hammock, Pole, Flying Pole and even Fire Dancing and Fire Breathing, you can always find her living her dream teaching at Aerial City or even performing downtown at Elsewhere Garden Bar And Grill.

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Tori Estrada- Tori Dreams Circus Things

Tori Estrada, also known as “Tori Dreams” is a Texas-based Circus Arts performer— specializing in Fire Arts & Multi-Hoops. Her other talents include LED Prop Manipulation, Juggling, Gogo Dancing, Burlesque, Stilt Walking, Aerial, Choreography for large specialty groups,  & most recently Celebrity Impersonations. Tori began her circus journey 7 years ago when she purchased her first hula hoop, and soon became fascinated with all things cirque! What began with a simple plastic circle quickly turned into more. Today, she is a full-time freelance performer who also performs with various entertainment companies. You will find her throughout Texas spreading joy & wonder to everyone!

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Cassandra Flores- Soulfulcirque by Cass

Cassandra Flores first connected with a hula hoop 5 years ago (2016). Her relationship with the flow arts has given her many opportunities in life. Two years into her journey, She became a performer and grew a love for the circus arts. Cass specializes in multi hoop, LED, fire, stilt walking, aerial, & more! However, her favorite prop is her set of juggling iso fire hoops! If she is not learning a new prop, she’s always bringing it back to her roots with a single hoop. Being a full time performer is her passion, drive, & dream job.

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Angela Presnell

Angela Presnell, or more commonly known as lilhoopgirl, is an international hula hoop instructor and entrepreneur. Hula hooping provides her personal comfort, confidence, and community that would lead the way to her starting her own hoop business. She created an online platform where people all over the world could learn how to hoop while allowing hoopers to advance their skills. Hula hooping has completely shaped her world. In half a decade, it has been what she’s needed through self discoverment as a proud queer woman, a better ally to BIPOC, and understanding that what we think and act upon ripples to each person in our lives and community.

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Maria Toscano- Maria Moves

Maria, popularly known as Maria Moves, is a multi-talented movement artist from Miami, Florida. She is a dancer, hooper, skater, yogi, and slackliner. Of all of her hobbies, dance and her hoops have taken the forefront of her passions. Maria loves to perform and being on stage lights her up. She is well connected in the Miami community and has performed at countless popular events & venues in the city. She also performs with fire and loves the feeling of working with flames. Maria is a dance teacher and a hoop coach. Choreography is one of her strong suits and she loves putting together fun, one of a kind pieces. She is so excited to be a part of LUCID with the Cereau Sisters!

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