Entertainment and Services Options - San Antonio, TX

Live Cirque and Aerial Art Entertainment

We bring the circus to you

Cerceau Sisters is known for bringing the thrilling world of circus art entertainment to you!

We customize and offer a wide range of entertainment services and training classes. Cerceau Sisters are available for travel within San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas for special event requests.

Ground and Aerial Art Entertainment Options

Hula Hooping

What we are known for! Our hula hoop performers will amaze your guests with a multitude of vibrant and energetic hooping acts. Available in LED's.

Aerial Arts

Silk Acrobatics, rope, and trapeze Performance's...oh my! The list of our in-air performances can go on. Watch in awe as our aerialists put on a spectacular, one of kind show!

Entertainment Option Coming Soon. Contact us for availability.

Fire Performance

Is it getting hot in here? Offering a breath taking performance full of tricks and spectacular sites, our performers put a combination of hula hoop and dance to create a spectacle of a show.

Standing Lyra

Strength and Grace are our middle names. Also known as Lollipop Lyra, we will work in static and spinning motions performing many magical tricks sure to transport you and your guests to a world of fantasy.

GoGo Dancing

Risque or Impressive? How about both. We bring the energy! Let us excite your crowd and get the party started. Offering Go-Go pedestals or cages.

LED Acts

Everyone needs a little light in their lives. Let us bring it! Offering a multitude of LED performances perfect for your event.

Cirque Entertainment Options

Choregraphed Acts

A performance that will truly have your guests gasping with "ooo's" and "ahh's". Our performers will choregraph a special, lyrical performance consisting of hoop and dance combos to music that fit the mood of your event.

Ambient Entertainment

Prefer a more subtle but elegant touch to your event? Ambient Entertainment is perfect for a background performance fit to the mood of your event.

Our Training Classes

Hula Hoop Classes and Training

Offering various hula hooping classes monthly from yours truly!

Dance Class and Training

In conjunction with our other various classes, we will teach you how to do choregraphed circus acts, and so much more.

If you are interested in reserving a spot in one of our workshops, please click the button down below to check for available classes!