Cerceau Sisters Team - San Antonio, TX

Meet the performers that bring exquisite, cirque-style performances. 

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Meet the team behind Cerceau Sisters that bring you amazing, theatrical performances.

Brooke Hanson

Co-Owner, Performer

Brooke Hanson fell in love for the cirque arts as a child when she would see the magic of circus performers come alive right before her eyes! It wasn’t long until 2013, when she took her hand at starting to hoop. From there, the magic came alive again and she fell more deeply in love with the art.

As her skill’s progressed, so did her career in the Acrobatic arts. Brooke strengthen her skills and knowledge in the arts by performing for world renown theme park’s such as Disney World and SeaWorld! 

Brooke’s goal with Cerceau Sisters is to inspire the next generation of performers!  She hopes to bring the magic and wonder that is Circus Arts to the next child she encounters through her work with Cerceau Sisters.

With over 77,000 followers and over 440K likes, Brooke has become a essential part of the Hooping Community on TikTok!

Deven Zimmer

Co-Owner, Performer

Deven Zimmer started her career in the Circus Arts performance world in 2013 and it has only progressed from there! Since then, she has had the privilege to perform for a number of nationally acclaimed entertainment events.  

Deven’s goal with Cerceau Sisters is to inspire others to follow their dreams, no matter how “silly” they think that dream may be. Whether that be from the various acrobatic classes Cerceau Sisters will hold or performances. She hopes to create memorable experiences for all she encounters through her new found circus arts performance company!

With over 400,000 TikTok followers and racking up over 5.4 Million Likes (and counting) on TikTok, Deven has become a viral sensation and has performed on NBC’s Today show. 

deven zimmer cerceau sisters
Brooke and Deven were introduced to circus arts in 2013 and have since then developed performance skills with Hula Hoops, fire spinning and fire breathing, and continue to develop new skill sets in the aerial arts.
Since 2013, Deven and Brooke have been able to showcase their talents for people all over the United States from working with national television networks, amusement parks, music festivals, renowned concert venues, and corporate events.